Camp Curriculum

Rockets, Robots, Research (6th & 7th grades)

The R, R, and R course moves beyond self-discovery and exploration, allowing students to see how individuals fit into the 21st-century world around them. Students will investigate how technology has improved the human experience through multi-sensory exploration involving map reading, geocaching, and robot building and programming. Field trips include visits to such places as the CaveSim Caving Simulator, The Pioneers Museum, CityROCK Climbing Center, and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Major projects include research about exploration and the Robotics and Automation Design Challenge.

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Brain Matters (5th & 6th grades)

The Brain Matters course focuses on all aspects of the most powerful organ in the human body-- the brain. Through both anatomical and psychological investigations, students will gain knowledge about keeping the brain healthy and improving cognitive skills. Field trips include visits to the Colorado College Brain Lab and the Wind Walker Challenge at Cave of the Winds. Major projects include intuitive advertising, brain dissection, physiological data collection, and student selected inquiry projects and experiments.

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“When asking my son how his day was...he will go into details, and I can see and hear the excitement and growth in him. This is a positive program. Thank you.”

Design & Deliver (7th & 8th grades)

The Design and Deliver course focuses on using innovative problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking to solve challenging problems. Frequent field trips to such places as RMB and Borealis Bikes expose students to deliberate design concepts that inspire them to develop their own original inventions. Training and coaching in public speaking prepares participants for the culminating project, which includes the development of a prototype created with the engineering design cycle and then will be presented to a panel of industry professionals. 

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Electives (all grades)

Electives are complementary courses that allow students to experience unique activities usually not offered in traditional academic environments. Electives meet three afternoons per week. Past offerings have been Film Critique, International Cooking, Explosive Science, Frisbee Golf, Zentangle, Chinese Culture and Language, Backyard Biology, and 3D Modeling and Design.

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